Kevin Nadal in Chicago RECAP

On Thursday October 8th, I was able to catch Kevin Nadal’s Stand Up show at Columbia College. I was also able to get an interview with the Fil-Am triple threat please see below for the video interview on YouTube. The event was hosted by Columbia College Chicago’s Multicultural Affairs and their Asian Student Organization (ASO).

Kevin Nadal’s goal for Filipino American Psychology
According to Kevin Nadal, one of the main reasons he decided to write Filipino American Psychology aside from spreading awareness about Filipinos in the US is to increase the number of Filipino American professors.

From Kevin Nadal:
I wanted to inform you that I have initiated a Filipino American Psychology Graduate Scholarship, which was initiated to increase the number of Filipino American professors in the field of psychology by providing scholarship and mentorship to Filipino American students. An advisory board was created and we aim to provide two or more $500 scholarships to graduating seniors who are pursuing graduate degrees in psychology, as well as graduate students already enrolled in doctoral programs. It is expected that this scholarship will be an annual award that is given every year, starting in March 2010.

The event at Columbia was very different from Kevin Nadal’s other visits at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Loyola because Thursday night was scheduled to be his STAND UP Night. For those of you in Chicago who were not able to attend, you missed out on a great event. This was the very first time I was able to meet Kevin Nadal and see his amazing Stand Up Act. He was also very gracious to sign my copy of Filipino American Psychology and provide an interview.

As I said earlier, the event was also hosted by Columbia’s Asian Student Organization (ASO). From what I saw these students have a lot of pride on being Asian or LGBTQ so props to all of you students at Columbia College for making it a great night. However, I was disappointed that my alma mater, DePaul University or other campuses like Northern Illinois University were not able to host or invite Dr. Nadal to their campus because he would have appealed to the students and definitely rocked the house. By the end of the show, I felt like I should have payed for the event because Kevin Nadal was putting on a quality show better than ones presented by Comedy Central or HBO.

For those who want a preview of one of Kevin Nadal’s stand up acts please refer to Kevin’s Mom which was one of his acts that I could not stop laughing at. Nadal is truly a talented man and definitely appeals to people of all ages, I know because my own parents could not stop laughing at his stand up act. For more information regarding Kevin Nadal’s national book tour, performances, and causes please visit Also, Kevin Nadal’s book tour is sponsored by PNOYApparel so for those of you who want to order the jacket that he is wearing in the photos posted above please visit their site.

UPDATE: Fil-Am Ako’s interview with Kevin Nadal at Columbia College Chicago

If any of you are Psychology majors then please excuse the lights turning on and off in the middle of the interview. That was a threat to validity: instrumentation. Again, I would like to thank Kevin Nadal for taking the time out of his really busy schedule to have this interview and share his thoughts on why he wanted to release Filipino American Psychology. Don’t forget to get your copy of Filipino American Psychology today.

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