Recognizing Filipino-American History Month

The great thing about blogging is the new information I receive regarding the Filipino community. Living in America for over 21 years, I am kind of embarrassed to not know that there was actually a month dedicated to Filipino-Americans. I wanted to take the opportunity to present information on Filipino-American History Month and how all of you can celebrate it this October.

Filipino American History Month, also known as the Filipino American Heritage Month, is celebrated in the United States during the month of October. The Filipino American National Historical Society established Filipino American History Month in the year 1988. In California and Hawaii, where a large number of Filipino Americans reside, Filipino American History Month is widely celebrated in these states.

The following is evidence of the House of the 111th Congress introducing a House Resolution 155 (H.R. 155) to officially recognize this month for Filipinos.

From The Library of Congress:


Recognizing Filipino American Heritage Month and celebrating the heritage and culture of Filipino Americans and their immense contributions to the Nation.

Whereas the first Filipinos to set foot in North America arrived in the Morro Bay area, of what is now known as San Luis Obispo, California, on board the Manila-built galleon ship Nuestra Senora de Esperanza under the command of Spanish Captain Pedro de Unamuno;

Whereas the first permanent Filipino settlement in North America was established in 1763 in Saint Malo, Louisiana;

Whereas Filipino Americans have been a part of the American experience and have remained resolute and steadfast in the face of many difficult times and challenges;

Whereas 2,900,000 Americans of Philippine ancestry currently live in the United States and more than 250,000 American citizens live in the Philippines;

Whereas Filipino Americans have made substantial contributions to American society in the arts, sciences, music, and literature;

Whereas brave and courageous Filipinos and Filipino Americans such as the 250,000 Filipinos fought under the United States flag during World War II to protect and defend this country;

Whereas the values and traditions of Filipino Americans have had a positive impact upon American society; and

Whereas it is essential to promote the understanding, education, and appreciation of the history and culture of Filipino Americans in the United States: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) recognizes the celebration of Filipino American Heritage Month;

(2) honors the heritage and culture of Filipino Americans and their immense contributions to the life of this Nation; and

(3) urges the people of the United States to observe Filipino American Heritage Month with appropriate programs and activities.

To learn more about Filipino-American History Month and the events that recognizes Filipinos in America please refer to Celebrate Filipino-American History Month at Hawaii State Library,, and NAFCON Annual Conference.

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