Jen Kwok is down with the brown

Warning: Following video contains explicit lyrics and scenarios.


About the Song
“Date an Asian” is a comedic R&B song written by musician/comedian Jen Kwok. In the style of “a mid-tempo Mariah Carey club joint”, the song has a rare message: extolling the awesomeness of “dating” an Asian guy! Jen wrote “Date an Asian” as a positive and lighthearted reaction to negative stereotypes about Asian guys. The song was originally written and performed on ukulele, and premiered at Gotham Comedy Club in 2008 to a both shocked and appreciative audience. Soon after, she recruited her friend, rapper Soce, The Elemental Wizard, to produce the song and perform a guest verse from the gay guy’s perspective. Jen and Soce have been performing the song live for New York City audiences to great laughter and acclaim. Click here for upcoming live performances

My two cents
Jen Kwok’s “Date an Asian” has become increasingly popular on youtube and on many Asian-American blogs. She even gives a shout-out to Filipino men in her video. Growing up in the US I have been bombarded with media emasculating Asian men to the point where I want to say, “We get it we Asian men are a joke in this country!” With Jen Kwok’s video many have been saying that it is great to see Asian men portrayed in more a positive way, as dating potential for Asian women. However, my opinions differ from many who have viewed this video in a more positive light. Honestly, I sort of feel offended by this video because I feel it just reaffirms stereotypes on Asian males. As a straight man, looking at the Asian males in the video makes me want to tell people “what woman in their right mind would want to date these guys?” The Asian men portrayed in the music video are that of the typical nerd and model minority. Was it really hard for Jen Kwok to find normal guys or an Asian male who is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes? Maybe they were tight on budget. However, it is not to say that I feel Jen Kwok deserves an A for effort for trying to showcase Asian males in a positive way (loyal, loving, and family oriented) unlike other Asian American female comedians who like to insult their male counterparts (i.e. Esther Ku).

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