Yvette Dominguez: Fil-Am leader in the satellite industry

Yvette Dominguez, is a Filipino-American that everyone should know as an emerging leader in the satellite industry. She is a manager in Space Systems/Loral, Yvette Dominguez is one of the world’s premier designers, manufacturers, and integrators of powerful geostationary satellites and satellite systems. Space Systems/Loral (SSL) is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, where it designs, builds, and tests satellites, subsystems, and payloads; provides orbital testing; procures insurance and launch services; and manages mission operations for commercial and governmental customers. In alliances and partnerships with leading US and overseas space and communications companies, the company has created a world-class presence in the satellite industry addressing customer needs today while building the world of tomorrow. Among other honors, SS/L has won the coveted Goddard Contractor Excellence Award from NASA, crediting the company’s performance for the agency.

Last October 2008, Yvette Dominguez was one of only three people all over the world awarded by the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI)- the Future Leaders Awards.  Asked how she got into the satellite industry, Yvette admitted that her interest began when she was in high school. “I had an interest in engineering and space and thought the satellite industry was a great way to cover both interests. During my senior year in college, the aerospace/ satellite industry was recruiting heavily and I felt this was my opportunity to pursue my interests,” said Yvette whose work has been to design, analyze, and test satellites.

Yvette admits it’s not easy being in the industry. “In satellite manufacturing at SS/L, you cannot take any shortcuts. Everything you do must always be highly reliable, meticulous, and redundant.” In an industry still dominated by men, Yvette has some advice for women interested in entering the field. “Do not limit yourself. There are many opportunities in the industry as there are so many different disciplines and aspects to building a satellite. My advice is to not just gain practical technical skills, but to also cultivate interpersonal skills with peers and management. Be open to new responsibilities and challenges early on and if possible, find a mentor.”

Strong words from Yvette Dominguez that should encourage many Fil-Ams, especially Pinays to pursue career fields that can bring out their full potential.  This also reminds me of what I’ve always been told and what I also tell my younger cousins who are getting ready to apply to colleges, “make sure you go into something that you like because ultimately you can decide what is best for you.” 

To read more about this accomplished Fil-Am, please refer to  Asian Journal. 

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