Apparently there is a movement to unite all Malay peoples (that means Filipinos too) in one state and under one flag. I thought that this had to be a joke, but this for real and the people calling for the movement are actually serious.

From MAPHILINDO on Facebook:

Pan-Malayan unity is called Maphilindo (for Malaya, the Philippines, and Indonesia) was to be a nonpolitical confederation uniting the Malay race. In the Philippines, many Filipinos consider the term “Malay” to refer to the indigenous population of the country as well as the population of neighboring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. This misconception is due in part to American anthropologists H. Otley Beyer who proposed that the Filipinos were actually Malays who migrated from Malaysia and Indonesia. This idea was in turn propagated by Filipino historians and is still taught in schools. However, the prevalent consensus among contemporary anthropologists, archaeologists, and linguists actually proposes the reverse; namely that the Austronesian people of Malaysia and Indonesia originally migrated south from the Philippines during the prehistoric period.
Interesting concept, now do I think it would ever happen? Most likely not because Philippines has problems uniting it’s own people with political unrest, religious differences among Catholics and Muslims, and not to mention our current president is under a lot of criticism on grounds of corruption.  In addition, all three nations (Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia) have come so far as Asian nations that it would be difficult to unite under one flag and one leader. However, I believe it would be a better movement to be called Malay nations with a strong alliance between the three nations. I thought Maphilindo would be an interesting topic to bring up, so what do all of you think of Maphilindo?

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