Number One Fil-Am Website?

This update is from a post on Christian Cabuay’s Twitter page showing the amount of traffic that claims as proof to their website being the #1 Filipino website in the US. I don’t want to take anything away from FilAmNation because the point of this blog is to strengthen unity among Filipinos, but to say that you’re number one is kind of pushing it. I haven’t even heard of until this post on Christian Cabuay’s twitter page, but I do like the idea of the website trying to inform Fil-Ams.

Your online source devoted to keeping you abreast of FilAm events happening in your area. What’s Happening this weekend, great family getaways, social gatherings, club activities, concerts. We strive to bring you everything you miss about the Philippines.

We are the NUMBER ONE Filipino-American website in the United States. As of November 8, 2006, we are ranked 70,518th most traffic website in the world (according to Go to and select the tab “Traffic Rankings”, enter Filipino websites that you know to see how we fare against them. As of December 2006, our website has registered 3 million hits, in a period of nine months of operation.

We receive an average of 25,000 hits per day during the week and 15,000 hits per day during the weekend.

In my opinion, when compared to which is the premier Pinoy website (I see this website everywhere), FilAmNation seems it has a long way to go before it can claim that it is the #1 Filipino website here in the US.

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