Goodbye to the Lion of the Senate

If you haven’t heard, the “Lion of the Senate” Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy passed away this week from brain cancer. Why am I doing a post about Senator Kennedy on Fil-Am Ako? Well one, meeting Senator Kennedy in 1989 at the Kennedy Compound was one of the events that I will never forget as a young 3-year-old Filipino-American boy and for those who want to know I am the little kid in the blue coat being held by my mother while my dad is the young man smiling (kneeling down in the blue coat vest) next to the late Senator Kennedy. Two, Senator Kennedy was a big supporter for health care reform and immigration two issues that greatly affect Filipinos and Filipino-Americans. Although not as well known or admired by Americans like his older brothers John & Robert, the often controversial Senator Kennedy did Life’s Work until the very end with his main focus on Health Care. President Barack Obama said that Kennedy’s death marked the “passing of an extraordinary leader.”

For more coverage of Senator Ted Kennedy’s recent passing please refer to:

Washington Post
Daily News

Senator Edward M. Kennedy

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