Eating Filipino Food Pinoy Style

The Western World has spoon, forks, and knives while most of Asia uses chopsticks. For Pinoys, we traditionally eat with our hands or “Filipino Style.” In an article from Abs-Cbn Pinoy Migration, a group of young Filipinos in New Jersey get ready to eat Filipino food, Pinoy style at Sinugba restaurant.

The group Anakbayan organized “Kamayan,” which promotes Pinoys to eat the traditional way. “Kamayan” has become a monthly ritual to these Jersey Pinoys with each session growing in the number of participants. According the lead organizer Kathleen Dy, this monthly ritual was formed “to help Filipino restaurants in a time of financial crisis.” What this article also shows to Pinoys is that we should not be ashamed to eat the Filipino way and embrace our tradition, which does include eating with our hands. Others may find this “Filipino Style” of eating disgusting, but hey it’s a big part of our culture and you can tell them “I’m Filipino so it’s ok for me to eat this way!”
Source: Abs-Cbn Pinoy Migration

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